Positioning Your Business For Success

This is not the 2020 any of us wanted. Or is it yours? I bet if you could, you would have already clicked on reboot by now. But we can’t do that. We got the 2020 that was available, not the one we anticipated, and not the one you prepared for in your journal of resolutions. In the face of the discovery and alarmingly quick spread of the coronavirus, the way of life has changed; and consequently, the way of work and the way of business have changed as well. Every business lesson we ever learned can only be used now with a sprinkling of knowledge, and a dash of quick thinking. Business school did not prepare anyone for a time when you can’t open up shop and welcome customers with a smile and a handshake.

Then again, has this caused life to end?

No. Not at all. As life has changed, culture has evolved. Businesses don’t have to end. Before now, it was quite difficult to convince business owners to invest time and resources on the digital market, but now, the digital market is all the market we have. It is time to understand the truth of the matter, and pour your efforts into standing out on the digital market. The internet is by far the largest market square in the entire world, with a reach of millions of people from all countries and languages. Being that it is a large global market, you have got to be heard through all the noise, and that can be difficult when you’re not saying anything at all, or when you’re only coming out once in a while to yell a little and go back home. On the digital market, you have to be saying something, you have to be saying something consistently, and most importantly, you have to be saying it loudly and clearly.

Here is how you can get your business out there, and heard through all the noise on the internet.

Get a Website to Speak for You

Our website is the one employee that never stops talking about you. Come rain or shine, whether you’re asleep or on vacation, your website is always out there saying all the right things. Every business has to have a website, and that’s not just saying. In the same way, that businesses should have shops, businesses looking to succeed now and in the future have to have websites. This is where people get to know about your services, it’s where you showcase your products, it’s where you show off your achievements, and it is also the place where people can “walk in” and make a purchase without leaving their houses or making you leave yours. No matter what you’re selling, you need to have a place where people can look around and place an order.

Show Up in Your Own Colors

When you arrange your business offline, you aim to make an impression, not so? In the same way, your business should have a look. Branding sets your business aside from all the others, and lets your customers or prospective customers know what to expect from you. In the online market, there are several brands, businesses and products in every single niche. This is no longer like the time when you were the only kids store on the block; not at all. Online, you will find that businesses like yours are a dime a dozen. Good branding will set you apart, and make you easily identifiable in the midst of all the sales counters online.

Create Content and Connect with People

Content is a MAJOR lead magnet in online business. Content is how you get people to like you, buy from you, and become loyal to your business. Creating content for your audience and target audience drives traffic by bringing visibility. That’s right. Content causes visibility. Even better, when you become a trusted thought leader in your industry by consistently creating content, you will find yourself with loyal followers who easily become buyers and who will not hesitate to spread the word about your business. So, to be seen amongst all the others, create content on as many platforms as you can manage; be consistent with your content, don’t be saying this today and that tomorrow; and finally, create content that addresses the issues faced by your audience, and show them that you know.


Digital marketing is a business strategy that can no longer be ignored or taking for granted; and the related skills are ones that business owners must have today, or afford to hire specialists to handle. We will be just fine, and so will our business. But you cannot just stay and wait for the crisis to end, you have to get ahead of it. Get in front of the situation, and start to position yourself and your business for success online with a sense of urrgency


July 24, 2020