How to Land Clients as a Freelancer

Ok. You’ve decided to become a freelancer. What now?

You are very skilled, you’ve taken all those courses and you have all those really cool work samples in your google drive, but no one has gotten a glimpse at them yet, so they may never know. This can be fixed.

As a new freelancer, you may have been wondering how to get clients without having to do a promotion or hang out a sign. There are very many freelancers on the internet, and getting heard is not as simple as getting started. Though challenging, it is not difficult.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips that can take you from standing at the window and watching prospective clients walk by without stopping, to standing behind the counter in front of a really long line.

Great Bio: Show them what you’ve got; and by this we mean, show the client that you are trustworthy and you are kind with your profile picture. One picture is worth a thousand words, and that is not just a quote. A good bio starts with the picture.

When it comes to the actual writing, make sure you don’t waste the space on irrelevant details about yourself. You can throw in one or two to make it a fun read, but be sure to show expertise in your bio text. Before you talk about your love for lattes, talk about how long you’ve been doing this, and how much you love to do it. Throw in a few industry terms, but not too much. Write a bio that shows that you’re nice, you like what you do, and you know how to do it.

Create Content: Before the prospective client views your portfolio or has a conversation with you, he or she may look you up first. They’ll check you out online, go through your social media or your blog, whatever you’ve made available. This is why you can’t squelch on content. Always have something fresh for people to see. Your social media or website may clinch the deal for you even before you have the talk. Put up content that shows your passion, your skill, and your expertise. Talk about your job, how much you like it, how well you do it, and how happy you have made your former clients.

Badass Portfolio: You have your best work; everyone does. A good portfolio is not about the number of projects contained in it, it is about the quality of each project. Put together your really awesome projects, and arrange them attractively in a portfolio that is accessible, and easy to view. Check out the portfolio of successful people in your niche, and compare yours for improvement points. Take your time with this; take on really cool projects, create some if you have to, and put together a portfolio that shows exactly how good you are at what you do.

Communication: “Yes, I can.” “Yes, I will.” “OK.” “Aiit”

These barely awake answers won’t get you anywhere. Go deep. Be nice. Ask the client how they’re doing. Be kind to people, and show them you care about more than just their money. Show interest in their business, and let them know you’re willing to offer your services to help them do better. Always be helping out the client, and not just getting stuff done for them. Communication can be the difference between a full queue and an empty task list.

Volunteer to Do a Little Extra: If it’s no trouble, do it. Sometimes, a client may need a little enlightenment or an explanation for something that does not really concern your task. If you can help, do it. As you do your work for your client, also volunteer suggestions to help them move their projects along. And of course, if there’s a tiny bit of work that you can contribute to help them, do it. You can never lose by volunteering. It will put a smile on the client’s face, and get you a loyal customer for a long, long time.

Freelancing is easy, you just need to know how, and where. It takes just one happy client to spread the word, and to get that client, well, it is as simple as positioning and branding. Be in the right place, and display your services in the right light. You will have people trooping in before you know it. There are enough consumers in the world for everyone. Have you done all of these and still have problems attracting clients? Let us know in the comment section.

July 24, 2020