Freelancing for The Future

Raise your hand, or better, close this page if you hate working wherever you choose, on whatever projects you choose, and for no boss who would ask you to pick up their clothes from the drycleaners when your job title is software developer.

Walk away now if you would completely hate the idea of setting up our own workspace wherever you want to, however you want to, with any table decorations you choose (like your high school debate award), and without Paula at the next cubicle chewing gum and smacking it louder than fireworks.

The life we knew in 2019 is such a vast difference from the life we lead today. Businesses have had to close down, jobs have been lost, and the job market looks so different than it did in the last decade.

A freelancer is someone who is self-employed, but not the type you see on Facebook profiles that usually just means “not working.” A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services (any kind), and can work on several projects for several clients at the same time. A freelancer charges per task and can choose not to work for unsavoury clients and can turn down projects that they do not find to be right for them.

Get Stuff Done

For project managers, entrepreneurs, and business managers, the existence of freelance may be the best thing since sliced pizza. Freelancing makes it easier to find specialists for every task. There’s always a freelancer somewhere who can do what you need to get done. The bigger appeal for most business owners (small businesses especially), is that you don’t need to create a desk space for the freelancer, you don’t need to go through a long onboarding process, you don’t need to offer any benefits, and you can work with a collection of freelancers and never have to throw an office party.

For the times when you cannot afford to hire a professional, especially when the project is short term, working with a freelancer may be the best thing you do. With a freelancer, you don’t have to make or give away office swag; even better, you don’t have to have an office to work with a freelancer and execute your projects.

Do You and Earn from It

The freedom to choose where, when, and how is the greatest benefit of freelancing. Your office can be in your room, on the kitchen table, at a McDonald’s, or a pub. If you choose to work in pajamas, flip flops, or a Spiderman costume, it does not matter as long as you get the job done in excellence. It’s your life, your way. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or you already work two jobs, you can still earn money on the side through virtual freelancing.

With freelancing, you are evaluated by your clients in the best way; which is by the work you can do, not by your gender, your color, or the texture of your hair.

Freelancing is one of the best ways to navigate work and business, now and in the future. You can get more done working with freelancers, and without having to go out of your house or out of your way. Freelancing platforms make it easy for you to access serious clients and genuine freelancers with good track records. With Urrgent, you can meet and discuss projects with suitable people, set up projects and gather an entire team without leaving the website. Even more, you can do it all in a short turnaround   time.

Virtual freelancing is here for good, and in our upcoming articles, we’ll be showing you how you can truly succeed in freelancing alone.

What are your fears about freelancing or hiring a freelancer?

July 24, 2020