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Urgent helps service providers and people needing services get together and get stuff done in good time. Here’s how to go from newbie to bigtime Urrgent seller.

Create a profile

Once you have signed up, click on your name at the top of your screen, then click on dashboard. Go to edit profile, and fill in your location, your language, and a short and friendly bio to help people get to know you.

Post a task

Choose a plan

First, choose a pricing plan. You can choose a paid plan and have your task as one of the top ranking tasks, making it super-easy for potential clients to find you. 


You can choose the free plan, and post up to 100 tasks without paying a cent. Either way, you’ll be getting work done.

Name your job

After choosing a plan, give your task a name. What can you do? Can you build a website? Write a blog? Do SpongeBob impressions? Put it on there! Don’t forget to say it nicely.

Price and Time

After giving it a name, state your charge; it can be anything from 5-25USD on one task. Then, pick a delivery time. How long will it take for you to deliver? Let people know if you’re superfast, or you like to take your time.

Add extras to your task

Extras are, well, extras. They are the other things that you can add to the job. For instance, if you are designing a website, you can throw in web copies for a few extra bucks. You can have as many extras as you want.

Add Tags for Better Reach

Tags help the people who are looking for you find your services with ease. When people are searching for services, they type words in the search space. By adding tags to your task, you make yourself more visible for people who are searching for you. So, if you happen to be a content writer, some great tags could be writer, content writer, web content. Go ahead and add some tags; remember to separate the words with comas (,). It’s like SEO for your task!

Add Video url

Before you launch your task, you can add a video url from YouTube, so that prospective clients can check you out and learn more about you. Click on the space for video url, and paste your link.

Add a bio

Before you save your task, write a short bio where you do a little convincing to prove to the potential client that you can get the job done.

Order requirements

If you want to, you can leave a few instructions so that anyone who want to order your task knows what they need to provide. This way, you don’t have to do a lot of typing in the message box.

Get stuff done

When you have posted your task, you will receive an email letting you know when your task has been approved. Interested clients will send you private messages to discuss their Urrgent projects, and after you have agreed on the project, they will order your task along with any extras they want. You will receive a notification showing that your task has been ordered. Click on start, and get stuff done!

To deliver your projects, go to my orders, choose the job, and deliver with no stress.


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July 24, 2020