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It looks like you’re ready to get started on some cool projects. Let’s get you started!

Urrgent helps you get together with genuine service providers to get stuff done in good time. Here’s how to get yourself set up to making some boss moves.

Create a profile

Once you have signed up, click on your name at the top of your screen, then click on dashboard. Go to edit profile, and fill in your location, your language, and a short and friendly bio to help people get to know you. Freelancers get to check you out before they accept your project. Let them know you’re nice. 

Find a task

Search for the task you need. Just type what you’re looking for in search. Example: “I am looking for a writer” OR “I am looking for logo design” OR “I am looking for a hula expert

Whatever your project needs, type it in search. Scroll through the options and find a freelancer that suits your project and your pocket. 

Find out more

Click on the task you like, and read through the freelancer’s bio; check out their pictures and their YouTube video. When you’re ready to talk, click on contact me and start a conversation with your freelancer.

Order the task

After you have settled on a fee and a delivery time with your freelancer, go to their profile and click on order now. Select the extras you need for the project. These are the extra services the freelancer may be offering; like book illustration in addition to ghost-writing. Each task extra will cost you a little more.

Attach order requirements

This is so you can include all the files and instructions the freelancer needs to do a great job.

Get stuff done

Click on check out now and you’re good to go! Your projects will start taking form as soon as the freelancer hits accept. You go! We’re rooting for you.


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July 25, 2020